Sedation Dentistry
in Leamington Spa

Calming and Relaxing
Treatment for Nervous Patients

We offer sedation dentistry to help calm and relax nervous patients during dental treatments. Our approach involves intravenous (IV) sedation, administered into the patient’s arm, creating a relaxed state where the patient is not overly conscious of the dentist and treatment. This method is particularly effective in ensuring patient comfort and reducing anxiety during procedures.

Richard Jones

Having been a member of a private practice for over 25 years, I was informed I needed to have one of my wisdom teeth out. The tooth had broken off at the gum line so extraction caused me some concern. They put me in touch with Aaron at Ascent as I wanted the extraction done under sedation. Right from the start Aaron made me feel extremely comfortable and confident in his abilities. The day of the op could not have gone better, all the team made me feel relaxed and the only thing I recall was thinking ‘I’ll just close my eyes for a minute’ next thing I know Aaron is telling me it’s all done!! The healing process also went very well and a week and a half later I’m almost eating normally and have no pain! I’ve now opted to move to Ascent permanently as I was so pleased with the work done. Could not recommend this place enough, a well deserved 5 stars!!


Nice and Calm and Relaxed

Here’s one of our resident dentists, Shiv, to answer FAQs about gentle, relaxing sedation for nervous or anxious patients.

The Sedation Process
and Patient Experience

Once sedated, treatment begins when our team is assured that you are fully relaxed. A sedation-trained nurse and dentist monitor your pulse and breathing, ensuring maximum comfort. While you can respond to questions, the sedative effects often mean you’ll remember little of the treatment, making the experience feel as if you were sleeping throughout.

Bob Brannan

Its not very often you can praise an entire entity but The exception to the rule is Ascent dental.

The immaculately presented Staff and dental assistants

Greet you with glowing smiles and make you feel important

But more critically ‘ cared for’ the professionalism gives you confidence. Having experienced the clinicians – they take this practise up a further notch. Extremely qualified and highly skilled

With a bedside manner that would put the most disconcerting at ease. This is a faultless dental practice that I would have no hesitation in recommending.

Thank you the team.

Video testimonials


Totally Comfortable

You wouldn’t know from speaking to her that Jean is a nervous patient. Her smile proves that anyone can get the care they deserve from Ascent Dental.


Nothing to it!

The phrase root canal is enough to send some patients running for the hills. Hilary explains how gentle sedation makes the process comfortable and painless.

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