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Patient presented with many missing teeth. The remaining loose teeth were removed and temporary denture fitted immediately. Final dentures were fitted giving a natural smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Patient had extensive anterior tooth wear from night time grinding (bruxism) and a high dietary acid intake. He had multiple poorly restored teeth over the years and was very embarrassed about his smile.

Teeth Whitening & Composite Veneers

This patient was unhappy with the large gaps between his teeth aswell as the small size. We placed composite veneers to improve the shape and size as well as eliminating the gaps. Teeth whitening was also carried out prior to placing the composite veneers to improve the shade of the teeth.

6 Implants

Patient presented with multiple failing and missing teeth. He requested a fixed solution to replace his upper denture and restore his smile. We provided a same day smile with 6 implants. After the healing phase the final upper porcelain bridge was fitted.

Children’s Fixed Braces

This patient had very severe crowding with teeth overlapping each other. We aligned the teeth with fixed braces without any extractions.

Crowns, Veneers, Bridges & Teeth Whitening

This patient was unhappy with missing teeth, the colour and shape of his over smile. We carried out a combination of crowns, veneers and bridges with teeth whitening to create the smile he had always wanted!

Gummy Smile

This patient was unhappy with the alignment of her teeth and her gummy smile. We used orthodontic treatment to align the teeth and reduce the gummy smile.

Invisalign and Composite Bonding

This patient was unhappy with the alignment of his teeth as well as the shape. This case was completed with Invisalign and Composite Bonding.

6 Implants

Patient wanted a solution to replace their missing teeth allowing them to improve the appearance of their smile and also to help aid eating. Unhealthy teeth that were unrepairable were removed, and then same day implant treatment was carried out.


Patient had extensive anterior tooth wear,multiple poorly restored and discoloured teeth and was very unhappy with her smile.


Treatment of this patient’s gum disease was completed by our specialist. The lower incisor teeth were extracted due to their poor condition. The smile was restored with a removable denture.

Composite Veneers

This patient had very stained and discoloured teeth. She wanted to improve the shape and colour of the teeth which was achieved with composite veneers


This patient was unhappy with her incisors that flared out and the narrowness of her smile. We used Invisalign to align the teeth within 8 months.

Replacement Dentures

This patient has loose, worn and discoloured upper and lower dentures. This was affecting their confidence and ability to talk and eat. We provided new upper and lower dentures.

Hygiene & Composite Bonding

Patient had generalised staining and sensitivity from buccal wear cavities.
We carried out hygiene treatment with tooth coloured restorations to improve the smile.

Lingual Braces

This patient was unhappy at the misalignment of her teeth. We carried out lingual brace treatment and edge bonding to improve the alignment of the teeth.


This patient attended with two extensively broken upper molars. We placed all ceramic onlays which provide more protection and a great aesthetic result.

Complete Dentures

Upper and lower dentures were provide to replace the exisiting worn dentures. Patient was embarrased with the appearance of the old dentues but can now smile and eat with confidence.

Implants & Bridges

Patient was unhappy with the upper and lower dentures and appearance of their teeth. Implants were palced in the upper and lower jaws and temporaray fixed teeth provided on the day. After the implants had healed the final fixed bridges were fitted.

White Fillings

This patient had a large silver metal filling which created a dark shadow on the outside of the tooth. This was replaced with a white filling to improve the strength and aesthetics of this tooth.

Implants & Bridges

Patient was unhappy with their loose fitting upper and lower denture and wanted to restore confidence and their ability to eat certain foods. Implants were placed in the upper and lower jaw using the same day teeth protocol and new teeth where placed on the same day to replace the loose dentures.

Bridge Replacements

This patient was unhappy with the dark margin around her bridges. We replaced them with all ceramic metal free restorations to correct the dark areas.

Implant & Crown

Patient presented with a failing bridge which kept on falling out. A single implant and ceramic crown was provided giving the patient a natural and fixed solution.

Bridges & Crown Replacements

This patient was unhappy with the dark margins around his 20 year old bridges and crowns. We replaced them with natural looking restorations which eliminated the dark margins and improved the aesthetics

Implants & Overdenture

This patient had extensive gum disease so this patient’s teeth were removed. Temporary dentures were provided but they were not secure enough for the patient to eat so we placed Dental Implants in the upper and lower jaws. We secure Overdentures to the dental implants which provides more stability and security for the new teeth.

White Fillings

This patient came to us with a failing silver filling. Alongside this they were also unhappy with the appearence of the filling. It was replaced with a white filling material to restore the tooth back to health and improve the cosmetic look of the tooth.

Implant & Crown

This patient had a tooth extracted after it fractured and wanted a fixed solution to replace it. A single implant was provided with and ceramic crown.

Fixed Braces

This patient had an incorrect bite with crossbites on both sides and she was unhappy with the aesthetics of her smile. We used fixed braces to align her teeth and correct her bite

Teeth Straightening

This patient wanted straightening of her upper and lower teeth. We achieved a natural finish with a wider smile


This patient had severe crowding in the upper and lower arches with an incisor in the palatal. We aligned the teeth with braces without extracting any teeth to give her a fantastic smile

Teeth Straightening & Whitening

This patient was unhappy with the position and gaps between the teeth aswell as the colour. We carried out teeth straightening followed by whitening and bonding to complete the smile

Damon Braces & Teeth Whitening

This patient was unhappy with the colour, staining and alignment of her teeth. We used damon braces to widen the smile and align the teeth followed by teeth whitening

Ortho, Bonding & Tooth Recontouring

This patient was unhappy with the worn edges and alignment of his teeth. We used a combination of orthodontic treatment, bonding and tooth recontouring to aesthetically improve the case

8 Composite Veneers

This patient was unhappy with the colour, white spots and shape of the teeth. We placed 8 composite veneers to improve the colour and shape.

Veneer Replacement & Teeth Whitening

This patient had an old single veneer which was over 15 years old. We carried out Ascent Teeth Whitening in combination with replacing the single veneer with a natural looking restoration

Metal Base Dentures & Crowns

Patient presented with missing teeth and was not suitable for dental implants. Crowns were also used to help secure the denture and give back a smile.

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